[Monsters, Inc.]



100 (+15 per level)
835 (level 50)
All Randall Tsums disappear.
for a short time.

Very similar to Zero.

Skill Time (sec)
1 4.5
2 5.0
3 5.5
4 6.0
5 6.4
6 6.8


High Score:


High Score: Scoring potential of Tsum, Coins: How well this Tsum earns coins, Bursting: Amount of Tsums this guy can obliterate each game--basically a measure of how well it will help you level up other Tsums, Combo: Ease of getting high combos.


Music: Blondie - Dreaming


I guess for some reason Disney felt compelled to put another Zero into the game. I understand that Randall's ability in the movie was to turn invisible, but do we REALLY need another Zero? Fuck. I guess it's somewhat justified since Zero is a Limited Tsum now but damn, put some creativity into it plz. I wish Randall's skill instead was to make himself invisble and erase himself from the game's memory.

Should have just put the ugly ass librarian into the game instead.

Now for some tips. It probably seems inappropriate though since I just bashed the hell out of him and shit but oh well. These tips also apply to Zero:

1) Charge up Randall's skill
2) Wait for fever to use his skill
3) Start clearing Tsum chains and save all the bubbles
4) Pop bubbles after fever's over to jump back in
5) Repeat steps 2-4

When you use Randall, ideally you want to wait until there are around 10 Randalls on the screen before using his skill so that it will regenerate itself but it's not totally required. Just don't use his skill DURING his skill like I did in the video. Super noob move and worthy of seppuku.

Like Pascal and Zero, Randalls scoring potential is greatly determined by the score value of the other Tsums in the game and your ability to make long chains. It's can also be helpful to know who your highest scoring Tsums is in your current game. In the video above, I know that Pascal is my highest scorer so during Randall's skill, sometimes if there's already alot of Pascals available, I just groom out the other Tsums and make one big ass Pascal chain. Up to youz tho and your playing style.