260 (+16 per level)
1044 (level 50)
Clears a bunch of Tsums
at random.

Can clear Nick Wilde

Skill Clears
1 17-20
2 19-22
3 21-24
4 23-26
5 25-28
6 28-34


High Score:


High Score: Scoring potential of Tsum, Coins: How well this Tsum earns coins, Bursting: Amount of Tsums this guy can obliterate each game--basically a measure of how well it will help you level up other Tsums, Combo: Ease of getting high combos.


Clear Coins Points Increment
17 26 Tsums + 10500 +900
18 31 Tsums + 11400
19 36 Tsums + 12300
20 41 Tsums + 13300 +1000
21 46 Tsums + 14300
22 51 Tsums + 15300
23 56 Tsums + 16300
24 61 Tsums + 17300
25 66 Tsums + 18400 +1100
26 71 Tsums + 19500
27 76 Tsums + 20600
28 81 Tsums + 21700
29 86 Tsums + 22800
30 93 Tsums + 24000 +1200
31 100 Tsums + 25200
32 107 Tsums + 26400
33 114 Tsums + 27600
34 121 Tsums + 28800
Nick Wilde is the best scoring Random Clear Tsum in the game. The reason I give him only three stars is I hate his skill animation where he passes out popsicles to the little critters. It takes too long and I'm so impatient. But yeah, if you can get past that then give him a try. Random Clear Tsums (Cheshire Cat, Mater, Nick Wilde) are scored similar to burst Tsums but their chain bonus is slightly less. The upside is that you can use their skill immediately and be guarantteed a certain number of Tsums cleared, unlike burst tsums where you have to wait for a gaping hole to be filled in with Tsums before you use their skill. But back to Nick...

There are two main reasons Nicke Wilde is better than his counterparts. The first and most obvious reason is because he clears the most amount of Tsums. The second reason, and this is what makes him sort of unique, is that he actually will clear his own Tsums. Take Mater for example, if his skill says he will clear 25-28 Tsums but on the screen there is only 4 Mike Tsums and 40 Mater Tsums, he will only clear the 4 Mike Tsums because he can't clear himself. But because Nick Wilde can clear up to 28-34 Tsums, it's kind of unrealistic to have him not be able to clear himself because 34 Tsum clear is over 75% of the screen. Instead, his priority is to clear other Tsums and if they run out, then he will clear himself.

The give and take is that you get a little less than half the amount of coins that you should be recieving for the amount of Tsums cleared.

In conclusion, Nick Wilde is the highest scoring of the Random Clear Tsums, but ultimately does not stack up to the better burst Tsums. His skill trades a higher amount of Tsums cleared for a nearly 50% reduction in coins and a skill animation that is long and drawn out. Play him only if hes way higher skill level than everyone else.