[Mickey & Friends]



100 (+18 per level)
982 (level 50)
Makes bombs you can move.

All existing bombs also
become movable.

Skill Bombs
1 3
2 3-4
3 4
4 4-5
5 5
6 5-6


Normally I'd say something mean about this Tsum like how he wears red panties on his head just because he's a Mickey variation and I hate all forms of Mickey but I think I'll make an exception for this one because he's actually kind of fun to play and I like making run on sentences. Sorry I suck at English. Horn Hat Mickey's skill reminds me of someone from Marvel Tsum Tsum but I haven't played that game in super long so I forget who it was. Oh well.

What makes Horn Hat Mickey cool is not only that he makes moving bombs, but any existing bombs also become movable! I wouldn't advise purposely stockpiling bombs just to make a shit load of mobile bombs though because you're just wasting your time and scoring potential. What I will advise though is that the best way (to me) to deal with those bombs is to use your right thumb to move all bombs on the right to the right while simultaneously using your left thumb to move all the bombs on the left to the left. You don't have to maximize the effectiveness of each bomb cause no one gives a fuck, getting rid of them as fast as possible is higher priority because then you'll have more time for fevers and skill usage. Just my 2 cents.