120 (+18 per level)
1002 (level 50)
Uses other Tsum skills at

He doesn't use random
skills, he just uses
Scrump's skill.

Skill Variation
1 4
2 5
3 6
4 7
5 8
6 9


Scrump version 2.0 has arrived! Genie's skillset in no particular order are: Tinkerbell, Christopher Robin, Little Oyster, Alice, Miss Bunny, Ariel, Pete, Olaf, and Mater. Similar to Scrump, the higher your skill level for Genie, the stronger his skills get in addition to learning one more skill. Most of the skills he uses are bursts but the two that piss me off the most are Christopher Robins and Alice's.

Most of you probably know already but I hate Christopher Robin becasue his balloons take too damn long to float up. Well, Genie can make up to 6 balloons so fuck if I now have to wait for a SECOND row of balloons. Talk about momentum killers.

Alice's skill sucks too beacuse instead of counting as 15 Tsums max like regular Alice, the Genie version goes up to 26 so it takes even LONGERRRRR for his chain to clear. Always have an extra bubble on the screen to pop just in case you get Alice or Little Oysters skill. It will save you plenty of time and will keep your hair non-white.