180 (+15 per level)
Clears a vertical line of

- Score is counted as a chain
not a burst.

- Popping score bubble with
skill gives 100% bonus to
score versus usual 20%.

Skill Radius
1 XS
2 S
3 M
4 L
5 XL


High Score:


High Score: Scoring potential of Tsum, Coins: How well this Tsum earns coins, Bursting: Amount of Tsums this guy can obliterate each game--basically a measure of how well it will help you level up other Tsums, Combo: Ease of getting high combos.


Music: Gamma Ray - Carry On


Alright, I know I talked alot of shit about Finnick earlier and I still think he deserved it. Finnick was a very forgettable character in Zootopia and given his extra lame skill, it was easy for me to dismiss him as a crappy ass vertical burst version of sven, max, etc... But what Disney does not include in any description whatsoever, is that he can score WAY WAY WAY better than his burst Tsum equivalents. You have to figure that shit out by just playing him a few times, which I didn't do.

Anyway to explain why he scores so good, it is because his burst skill does not score the same as burst. In fact, his ability is scored as a chain. What that means is that if you clear 23 Tsums with his skill you look at my chain table to calculate the score, versus the burst one. Just for quick comparison, the difference between a 23 chain vs 23 burst is 23,400 points.

Finnick also has the ability like Beast and Pete to pop bubbles. Popping a score bubble with these characters usually yields +20% to the entire burst/chain score, but in Finnicks case for whatever reason, popping a score bubble with his skill gives a +100% bonus. WHY THIS IS, I HAVE NO IDEA, and Disney makes no mention of it anywhere. So simply, it is ESSENTIAL that you save the score bubbles to pop with his skill because of this ridiculous multiplier. Also FYI bubbles are worth 1000 points when popped with his skill so you can save any kind of bubble and it will be worth more than most of you Tsums.

Double also FYI, popping two score bubbles with his skill will increase the burst score by +200% which is just ridiculous.

In conclusion, when playing Finnick expect to get high scores and not that great amount of coins because his radius is smaller than most other burst Tsums. He's a unique burst Tsum whose skill is scored as a chain, which means several thousand more points. Another unique trait that only Finnick has is that when his skill is used to pop score bubbles, they increase the burst score by 100% as opposed to the usual 20%. It still sucks though, that he puts on the elephant mask and reminds me of Dumbo. That kind of shit really makes me think twice about saying good things about him.