[Snow White]



110 (+19 per level)
1041 (level 50)
Tap the apples that appear
to clear a line of Tsums.

Whichever way the apple is
facing is the direction the
line will clear.

Skill Apples
1 2
2 2-3
3 3
4 3-4
5 4
6 4-5


I really like playing Evil Queen because not only is her skill relatively eerie looking compared to every other Tsums, but I feel like she is Abu done right. Abu throws wrinkly Arabian GMO jihad apples that you can probably clear zero Tsums with if you tap it at the right time. Evil Queen on the other hand has bright red Fuji apples harvested fresh from the testicles of Godzilla and coated with liquid Ambien. Good stuff.

I've not really many complaints about Evil Queen other than how generic her name is. Practically ANY Disney movie could have a villain called EVIL QUEEN. I had to actually look up what movie she was from because of how unoriginal she was. That plus Snow White is hands down the crappiest Disney movie ever made and I only watched it once when I was 2 years old and couldn't comprehend anything but still my subconscious knew that it was a pile of shit and it wouldn't let me watch it ever again.