[Star Wars]



100 (+24 per level)
1276 (level 50)
Swipe the screen to clear
lines of Tsums for a short

Spoiler: He dies at the end
of Return of the Jedi.

Skill Charge Radius
1 22 S
2 21 S
3 21 M
4 20 M
5 20 L
6 19 L


Darth Vader is definitely one of my favorite Tsums to play. There are two ways to play him and i'll put the good and bad about both ways.

The first way is to tap the shit out of the screen and have him slice everything up. The good part is you may get a high combo somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-250+. The bad things about playing in this style are: 1) There are hardly any mission quests that require you to get a high combo using a Tsum that is a triple amputee and not eligible to participate in Special Olympics due to he'd probably eviscerate everyone there, 2) You don't get any bubbles for slicing Tsums with a lightsaber. Mass bubble explosions are one of the biggest pluses for quick swipe skills like Cinderellas. 3) He can't swing his lightsaber as fast as you can tap. It seems like he's rate limited to one swing every 0.5ish seconds. So you can tap as fast as you like but you'll only get about 15 slashes max.

Now, the second way to play him is to tap-drag-and-release, or just tap-and-release. You can drag the cursor around to control where he swings his lightsaber if you want to feel more like an actual Jedi, but if you do this way you should use both hands to alternate the swings which must be done one RIGHT AFTER the other. No downtime between swings people. But me, I'm lazy, so I just hold and release and let him swing in whatever random direction the force guides him to. Either way, charging up the lightsaber is much better than the playstyle mentioned previously because you will get higher score and more coins. I also recommend not holding until the swing becomes maxed out because then you can only swing about 6 times max per skill whereas if you hold it a little less long, you can get 7-8 swings in at the cost of only 3-5 Tsums less per swing. Idk I didn't do the math and shit but I feel like I get higher scores if I do 7-8 swings at 80% power versus 6 swings at 100% power.

Lastly, some random facts about his skill: It lasts somewhere between 5-7 seconds (I suck at guesstimating time), game time DOES stop while his skill is going on, and any Darth Vader Tsums cleared during his skill DO NOT count towards his next charge which is a major bummer. Still, Darth Vader kicks ass.