280 (+18 per level)
1162 (level 50)
For a short time, connect
different Tsums to clear

Need for speed!

Skill Chain
1 7
2 8
3 9
4 10
5 11
6 12


Cinderella is a fun Tsum because with her it's all about speed. I like using my left thumb for her skill as well because it feels faster. I can't say exactly how you should be clearing lines except draw them REALLY fast, avoid running into bubbles, and never try to intentionally get the max chain length.

If I use her skill and there are no bubbles on the screen, then I usually rapid fire 4-5 lines horizontally across the bottom area alternating with my right pointer finger and left thumb. After that I start drawing vertical/diagonal lines until time runs out. Usually I try to aim for 9-10 lines drawn per skill. Pop all the bubbles and you should have her skill ready to use again. It takes experience to know where and what kind of lines to draw whether you go vertical, horizontal, or loops and I don't think I'm quite experienced enough yet. I really just draw what I can to avoid the bubbles because running into those will stop your line short and throw off your rhythm.