[Winnie The Pooh]


100 (+21 per level)
1129 (level 50)
Stops time. Tsums cleared
during this time will
be cleared as one chain.

Poohs cleared during
frozen time charge skill
bar at a reduced rate.

Skill Time (sec.)
1 4.0
2 4.5
3 5.0
n/a n/a
n/a n/a
n/a n/a


High Score:


High Score: Scoring potential of Tsum, Coins: How well this Tsum earns coins, Bursting: Amount of Tsums this guy can obliterate each game--basically a measure of how well it will help you level up other Tsums, Combo: Ease of getting high combos.


Bumblebee Pooh is a Limited Edition Tsum and can only be acquired from Premium Boxes when Disney tells you he can be. He has come and gone throughout the years so there's no doubt he'll be back, it's just that no one knows when. Bumblebee Pooh kicks major ass btw.

Bumblebee Pooh's skill freezes time similar to his weak Happiness form except that all Tsums cleared now count as ONE HUGE CHAIN which makes both Pooh and White Rabbit completely obsolete. Well, they were both obsolete to begin with but now they are COMPLETELY obsolete. There are two general ways to play Bumblebee Pooh and I will let you know which way I prefer.

The first way is to save the +Score bubbles or as much bubbles as you prefer and pop them during Bumblebee Pooh's skill. The bubbles will eliminate a good amount of Tsums, leaving you only a handful more to try and connect. Popping a +Score bubble during this time will also increase the score of your final chain by 10%! I recommend doing this if you are slow at the game and can't handle clearing the entire screen in 4-5 seconds. Or if your Tsums are very high level and you are getting over 300k points from your chain. As for me, I'm not quite there yet so I play the other way.

My preferred way to play is to simply blow up all the bubbles indiscriminately. I prefer to use bubbles for clearing volumes of Tsums and getting to fever mode faster rather than getting 10% bonus on my chain score because getting to fever mode means you get +5 seconds on the clock which is much more valuable for me. Besides, even a mediocre Tsum Tsum player will probably be able to clear at least 80% of the Tsums on screen in 4 seconds so save the bubbles for before or after his skill.

Overall Bumblebee Pooh is the greatest early game Tsum ever. Even at skill level 1, it is possible to get 40+ chains each and every time and easily get 1400+ coins per game. I always play him with coin bonus and 5>4 bonus activated though, because with those two you can get around 3000-3500 coins per game pre-coin bonus so you'll make profit more often than not.