[Toy Story]



90 (+24 per level)
1266 (level 50)
THE CLAW picks up 1-2
types of Tsums and drops
them on the top.

Alien actually comes
from this planet!

Skill Tsums
1 1
2 2


Alien is another SPECIAL Tsum who can only be gotten from inviting 30 friends to the game and by completing some Mission Bingo card. Don't have 30 friends to invite? Well I'm not surprised, but just know that you're missing out of on the BEST TSUMS EVER. He's so great and unique. He's the only Tsums as far as I know where if you have a pink, white, and brown Tsum in the game you can make Neapolitan ice cream!

But... Now for some serious talk. Come, take my cold clammy hand and journey with me as we revisit the start of it all, approximately 2 years ago with the dawning of a new app called Tsum Tsum. Here, Alien is the only "green skinned" Tsum so he appears in almost every game as that token green guy and it is super easy to level him up and make use of his high score values.

Jump back to present day: Disney is more racially accepting of dumb green people and add Pascal, Arlo, Rex, etc... and as a result Alien became completely irrelevant.